Articulation Game Bundle: Get Me To The Bus On Time!

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by Suddenly TeleSLP

Price: 2160 points or $21.6 USD

Subjects: games,speech,articulation,phonology

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: This bundle includes 17 decks with 1700 target words for the following phonemes: /r, s, z, l, k, g, t, d, f, v, k, g, p, b/, "ch, sh, j, th," and blends. Save 40% with the purchase of the bundle. About the game: Adam and Avery are twins. Like most siblings, there's a bit of rivalry among them. Both kids are always rushing in the mornings to get their backpacks ready before the bus arrives, and sometimes...they miss the bus. Their mom has decided to put their rivalry to use to help them get to the bus on time. Step 1: This is a two-player game. One player will try to help Avery, and the other will help Adam. Step 2: Take turns helping the kids find what they need for each day by selecting target words. Move them to the "used words" box, and reveal the images underneath. Step 3: If that item is on the list of things needed for that day, then drag a check mark to that item. Step 4: The objective is to check-off all items needed before the image of the school bus is uncovered. Step 5: If the school bus is uncovered before all items are checked-off, it means that child missed the bus. Each player will have 5 turns (one for each school day). Keep track of how many times each child manages to get all their items for school before the bus arrives. Mom says the winning sibling gets to pass along his/her chores to the other for the weekend. **Note, the locations of the school items are randomized, so each time you play, it’s a brand new game.