Thanksgiving Grammar Bundle 2nd & 3rd Grade

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by The British Kitty

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 2,3

Description: This fantastic bundle of Thanksgiving themed activities helps students to improve their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. Included are five decks (100 cards in total) Thanksgiving Common and Proper Nouns - To recognize common and proper nouns. Thanksgiving Synonyms and Antonyms – To improve vocabulary by identifying antonyms and synonyms. Thanksgiving Prefixes – To further confidence in using the prefixes un-, dis- and re-.. Thanksgiving Noun Not A Noun - This fun activity is going to help students to be able to categorize words as nouns and other parts of speech. Thanksgiving Contractions - To get better at forming contractions. The decks are great for 2nd or 3rd Grade and can be used in class, for homework, or for distance learning. Thank you for your interest in The British Kitty.