Email Skills Bundle

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by Mrs.JC

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Subjects: specialed,ot,lifeSkills,communicationSkills,activitiesOfDailyLiving,executiveFunctions,digitalLiteracy,digitalCommunication,prevocationalAndVocational,autism,brainInjury,instrumentalActivitiesOfDailyLiving,vision,specialAdults,readingSkills,developmentalSkills,specialExecutiveFunctions,reading,informationalText

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Description: My students do a functional email skills unit ever year to keep up with the demands of navigating their email. There are three skills highlighted in this bundle: Typing Emails - Students will use these card to practice typing in emails that include letters, numbers, and symbols. Capitalization counts! Writing an Email (Drag & Drop, no sentence creation) - Students will use these Boom Cards to work on identifyng the correct parts of an email. They are tasked with dragging and dropping the correct item (recipient email address, subject line, email content) to the correct location. Reading Emails & Scheduling Activities (listening is also added to this for non-readers) - Students will use these boom cards to practice reading (or listening to) an email from a Coach/Teacher. They need to determine what day the practice or activity is on that week. Then, they will drag and drop the activity to the day of the week. Use this boom cards set to supplement your executive functioning lessons!