Monster Madness: Articulation & Phonology Bundle

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by Speakeasy Speech Pathology

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Subjects: comprehensionAndCollaboration,presentationOfKnowledge,speakingListening,knowledgeOfLanguage,eslPronunciation,speech,cognitionMemory,articulation,expressiveLanguage,hearingAndAudiology,listeningSkills,phonology,receptiveLanguage


Description: Monster Madness drives into the wonderful world of articulation to help kids practice their speech sounds. This bundle primarily targets word and phrase levels and has sections dedicated to initial, medial, final, and mixed positions of letters in words. The gamified super scenario extends the replayability of the activity for younger audiences to increase the number of trials an educator will be able to get through. This bundle is perfect for speech pathologists and teachers to use in 1-on-1 or small-group sessions. Kids will love learning new sounds with Monster Madness! Sounds: -/b/ ('b & bb' spellings) -/k/ ('c, cc, ck, & k' spellings) -'ch' ('tch, t, & ch' spellings) -/d/ ('d & dd' spellings) -/f/ ('f, ff & gh' spellings) -/g/ ('g & gg' spellings) -/h/ ('h & hh' spellings) -'j' ('j, g, dg & dge' spellings) -/l/ ('l & ll' spellings) -/l/ blends ('fl, bl, gl, kl & pl' spellings) -/m/ ('m, mm & mb' spellings) -/n/ ('n, nn, & kn' spellings) -'ng' ('ng' spelling) -/p/ ('p & pp' spellings) -/r/ ('r, rr, rh & wr' spellings) -/r/ blends ('br, dr, fr, gr, kr, pr & tr' spellings) -Vocalic /r/ ('ar, er, or, air, ear & ire' spellings) -/s/ ('s, ss, c & ce' spellings) -/s/ blends ('sk, sl, sm, sn, sp, st & sw') -'sh' ('sh, s, c, t & che' spellings) -/t/ ('t, tt, & te' spellings) -Voiceless 'th' ('th' spelling) -Voiced 'TH' ('th' spelling) -/v/ ('v & ve' spellings) -/w/ ('w & wh' spellings) -'j' (y) ('y & u' spellings) -/z/ ('z, zz, ze, se, & s' spellings) -'zh' ('zh' spelling)