Valentine's Day Speech Language Bundle for Older Students

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Subjects: holiday,valentinesDay,speech,sel,ela,socialAwareness,pragmatics,socialAspectsOfCommunication

Grades: 4,5,6,7,8

Description: This Valentine's Day Themed Language Bundle includes 4 separate boom decks and over 85 slides 1.On Topic or Off Topic-Valentine's Day This pragmatic language deck includes 25 slides. In this lesson, we are going to practice differentiating between on-topic and off-topic responses. Each slide will have a conversation starter and a response. The student will have to determine if the response is on-topic or off-topic. 2.) Valentine's Day Grammar Boom Deck This Valentine's Day-themed grammar deck includes 25 slides. On each slide, the student is given a sentence with two choices and has to determine the correct word to complete the sentence. This deck includes verb tenses, plurals, subject verb agreement, commonly confused words, etc. 3.) Valentine's Day Perspective Taking This Valentine's Day-themed deck is about perspective taking. This lesson will review 20 different scenarios. 4.) Appropriate or Not Appropriate to Say-15 Slides Finally a Valentine's Day resource that focuses on pragmatic language that you can use with the older students on your speech therapy caseload. This lesson reviews 15 topics that will either be appropriate or not appropriate to say. Each slide will have a conversation topic/comment, and the student will have to determine if the topic is appopriate or not