Functional Home and Community Activity Bundle

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by Fun N' Functional

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Subjects: speech,specialed

Grades: 0

Description: Functional Tasks: Household Chores-Contains 40 real picture boom cards with activities focused on household chores. The format includes naming, reading/listening tasks with questions, multiple choice, and following directions tasks. Morning Routine Functional Language Cards-Sample morning routine with activities associated with each step. Language tasks are focused on sequencing, object function comprehension, and using functional vocabulary. Practice setting an alarm, making breakfast and lunch, packing bags for school and extracurricular, and choosing appropriate items for hygiene. Functional Vocabulary: At Home- Activities are presented in formats such as multiple choice with pictures/words, open ended, labelling, and matching. Targets include object associations, object function, categorization, labelling, word finding, and reasoning. Real pictures are used throughout the activities. Functional Community Sign Activities - Contains 50 real picture boom cards with activities focused on community signs. Work on identifying community signs and understanding the meaning to address life skills goals. Activities include sign recognition, sorting signs, matching written meanings to the sign, matching picture meanings to the sign, and problem solving. Safety Awareness and Functional Problem Solving Activities- Contains 50 real picture boom cards with safety awareness and functional problem solving tasks for older students.