Articulation Puzzle Reveal Bundle

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by Katrina Bevan- Speech Language Pathologist

Price: 2800 points or $28 USD

Subjects: games,speech,articulation,earlyIntervention

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: One big bundle for all of my puzzle reveal decks!Articulation Puzzle Reveal is a fun & interactive way to focus on speech sounds. The following Boom Cards™ provide students with a chance to practice their articulation words. Students are presented with the 9 puzzle pieces that all relate to the target sound. Students read the clue and choose which picture answers the question. As they click on puzzle pieces, they disappear through each card to reveal a background picture that also has the target sound. Student are encouraged to say the puzzle piece word 5 times before moving to the next card. There is also a button to click & navigate back to the starting page. Click on each deck below to see what's included and for further information!