Civil Rights Escape Room Bundle

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by Creative Primary Literacy

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Subjects: ela,holiday,blackHistoryMonth,socialstudies,history,unitedStatesHistory,worldHistory,cultureAndSociety,reading,informationalText,litReadingComprehension

Grades: 5,6

Description: BOOM Cards™ Escape Room Activity Bundle about four famous civil rights activists from American history and World History: Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks and Mahatma Gandhi. The NO PREP activities are ideal for distance learning and perfect for students in fifth grade or sixth grade. All four activities have been split into four different tasks; your students will need to complete each of the tasks to reveal a word. Together the four words make a phrase for them to escape the room. In Task 1 students will read informational texts and then find their way through mazes by answering true or false comprehension questions. If they answer the questions correctly they will reveal their first words. In Task 2 students will complete crossword puzzles by answering ten questions. Answering these questions correctly will reveal some hidden letters which need to be unscrambled to reveal the second words. In Task 3 students will sort 27 timeline task cards about the 1900s, putting them in order from the earliest date to the most recent. When they have finished their third words will be revealed. In Task 4 students will have to find the missing words in the wordsearch puzzles before finding hidden words from the letters that are left over in the puzzle. These hidden words are their fourth and final words.