Ensemble grandissant Je trouve les formes #1 Growing Bundle

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by Beary Bears Learning

Price: 1775 points or $17.75 USD

Subjects: nativeFrench,instructionalFrench,mathElementary,shapes,instructionalFrenchCanadian,nativeFrenchCanadian,firstDayOfSpring,seasonSummer,firstDayOfAutumn,firstDayOfWinter,christmas,halloween

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: Here is a growing bundle containing a mix of simple, interactive, and self-correcting digital games that practice 2D shapes, recognizing and matching shapes, same/different concepts, and visual perception. Student will look at the theme clipart. Then, the student will find and click on the same shape in the grid. Instructions audio files in French. The price will increase as more games are added to the bundle. Save 10%+ . A great purchase as the bundle contains 10 games and more to come! Ensemble grandissant de jeux pour pratiquer et travailler la reconnaissance des formes 2D ou des figures géométriques. L'élève regarde l'image. Ensuite, l'élève trouve et clique sur la même forme dans la grille. This bundle contains over 160 digital task cards. The task cards are perfect to practice a variety of concepts. They may be used for math centers, group workshops, review, fast finishers activities, whole group activities, interventions, RTI groups, and even remote learning. These interactive, digital task cards may increase your students' learning while having fun!