Adaptive Book Core Words Vocabulary I See a.. 7- Deck BUNDLE

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by ABA in School

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Subjects: sel,specialed,communicationSkills,lifeSkills,modalitiesAAC,assistiveTechnologies,specialAba,speakingListening,knowledgeOfLanguage,readingSkills,Special Autism,developmentalSkills,emotionalAndBehavioralSkills,expressiveLanguage,communicationModalities,receptiveLanguage

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: Looking for a preschool AAC core words vocabulary activities in the form of an adaptive book? Great as a speech and language goal or functional communication using core words or PECS symbols or even as a guided reading activity for a new reader. ⭐This is the BUNDLE for "I See a ...". Current activities include food items (40 words), farm animals (10 animals), pets (10 animals), zoo animals (15 animals), clothing (16 items), furniture (20 items), and vehicles (30 items). Each slide has a picture of a common word and the sentence stem "I see a ..." at the bottom using Boardmaker™ symbols with audio. Student selects the correct symbol (out of 2 choices) and drags it to complete the sentence. Great for speech therapy, early learning and language development, students with autism, ABA and discrete trial, and click and drag practice. Toddlers will love it! Follow ABA in School to keep up-to-date with new and updates resources for early learning, speech therapy, special education, ABA, and data collection.