Conflict Resolution BUNDLE for Students with Autism

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by Box of OT

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Subjects: games,ot,sel,relationshipSkills,Special Autism,autism,specialed

Grades: 6,7,8,9

Description: Engage your students with autism in fun and interactive conflict resolution activities with our Boom Card Questions, Activities & Games for Social Skill Development. Perfect for grades 5 to 9, this digital resource focuses on building social skills and promoting positive behavior. Benefits - Promotes social skill development and conflict resolution strategies - Engages students with autism in fun and interactive activities - Encourages repetition and practice of important social skills - Fosters positive behavior and conflict resolution in the classroom Instructions/Tips for Implementation 1. Introduce the concept of conflict resolution and discuss different strategies with your students. 2. Assign the Boom Card activities to individual students or small groups. 3. Monitor and track student progress as they complete the activities. 4. Follow up with class discussions and reflection on the conflict resolution strategies used.