What Doing, Where & Yes or No Questions with Animated Hobbies Verbs (GIFS)

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by SpeechRUS

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Subjects: ela,speech,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: This interactive no-prep bundle contains a variety of engaging activities to help your students build a variety of receptive and expressive language skills. Students are able to answer a variety of WH and YES or NO questions using animated HOBBIES VERBS (GIFS). These HOBBIES & ACTIVITIES verbs keep the activity extremely motivating and help your students stay engaged! This is great for speech therapy, teletherapy, or even in person therapy! This activity includes: - Activities for answering WHAT DOING & WHERE questions, answering YES/NO questions, labeling verbs, labeling pronouns, labeling places, following directions, and so much more! The following animated hobbies verbs are included in this activity: - Building - Playing - Sliding - Fishing - Snorkeling - Flying - Cooking - Shopping - Knitting Some IEP goals that can be targeted during this activity: - Labeling Verbs - Labeling places - WH Questions (what doing, & where questions) - Yes/No Questions - Object Function (e.g. what do you do with food, where do you see fish, where do you see a slide, where does a plane fly, etc.)