SORE THROATS - Feeling Sick I Problem Solving BUNDLE

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by Transition Abilities

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Subjects: healthPhysEd,specialed,specialAdults,lifeSkills,Special Autism

Grades: 6,7,8,9,10

Description: Teach students to identify feeling sick with sore throats (vocabulary, how to identify different reasons for sore throats and ways to feel better) using real pictures with this BOOM activity! Students are prompted with a scenario about what to do if they feel a certain way, and what tool or medicine they can use to feel better. Sore throats, viruses, the common cold, strep throat and other reasons for sore throats are very common ailments, and it's important for students to know how to communicate how they are feeling! This activity pairs well with IEP goals for special education students learning first aid, personal safety and self-care, and was made for special education students with disabilities (autism, intellectual disabilities, down syndrome, etc.). ✧ Topics Covered: -Methods used to feel better -When and why to take medication -When to go to the doctor or seek emergency treatment -Cough Drop Use -Sore Throat Vocabulary Definitions (including throat, cough drop, soothe, lymph nodes, contagious, virus, tonsils, strep throat) ✧THREE LEVELS INCLUDED for a total of 102 CARDS Level 1: 32 questions -Field of 2 - Errorless Learning Level 2: 32 questions - Field of 2 - No Prompts Level 3: 32 questions - Multiple choice & open ended