Color the Ocean Articulation Practice - Bundle of 9 Decks

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by OTTeR Speech

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Subjects: games,worldWaterDay,speech,articulation

Grades: 13,1,2,3,4

Description: Color the Ocean! Articulation Practice BUNDLE If your students love Ocean animals, they'll love these ocean scenes AND this coloring activity!! This bundle includes 9 decks that address the following sounds: 'sh', 'ch' & 'j', 'th', /l/, /k,g/, /f,v/, /s,z/, /r/ & vocalic /r/ Each deck includes the sound/s in 4 different positions or contexts. For each position or context, there are 9 practice pages (4-8 practice words per page). In order to ensure that you are providing your students with as much practice as possible, follow the suggested practice strategy provided on each page - First practice each word a specific number of times. Second, practice saying each word again until you locate the 'lucky' word that will advance the coloring page forward where the child will see that a new section of the scene has been colored in. Each sound/context provides a unique ocean scene for long term use of each deck!