Safe vs Unsafe Picture BUNDLE - Adult Speech Therapy - Safety Scenarios - Adult Safety Awareness

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by The Function Well

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Subjects: autism,brainInjury,fineMotorSkills,stroke,visualPerception,speech,ot,adultSpeech,aphasia,cognition,cognitionAttention,cognitionProblemSolving,cognitionMemory,expressiveLanguage,specialed,specialAdults,developmentalSkills,Special Autism,lifeSkills

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Description: This BUNDLE includes over 350 Boom Cards! Identify safe and unsafe situations, identify dangers, problem solve, and find the safe solution given over 100 pictures and 7 different activities. Choose the appropriate activity to match your patients skill level and individual needs. Great for dementia therapy! These activities are designed to target problem solving, visual scanning and safety awareness for adults and teens. Directly addressing safety and problem solving can improve independence and decrease risk of accidents in home and community settings. These tasks are appropriate for the following environments: skilled nursing (SNF), hospital, home health, schools Areas Addressed: Attention Visual scanning Following 1 Step Directions (Ie "touch the," "point to") Safety Awareness Problem solving Executive function