Number of the Week: Number 19 Bundle

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by Little Lugo Learners

Price: 600 points or $6 USD

Subjects: math

Grades: 13,1

Description: Learn number sense of the number 19 with this bundle of 6 digital task card activities. Each digital task card activity is designed to develop a child's number sense for the number 19. These activities allow the child to practice identification and enumeration of the number 19. The task cards included in this bundle are as follows: Activity 1: Click the Number Activity 2: Nineteen Toy Ball Sort Activity 3: Nineteen Shelf Toys Activity 4: Is it Nineteen Activity 5: Fill the Toy Ten Frames Activity 6: Which Has Nineteen Toys? Each Digital Task Card Activity comes with a 2-3 Review Pages that discuss the skill the child will be working on for the activity to make sure they understand the learning before they get started. This makes it perfect for at school whole group, small group and individual learning. It is also a great resource to assign for at home/distance learning. The Review and Practice pages will also be a great resource for the parents too! These task cards also come with sound. The child will be able to hear the directions and numbers while completing the digital task cards. This enhances the child's learning experience by connecting sound to the numbers and words. Recommended Ages: 5 and up