Fall Picture Rhythm Syllable Sort Printable Music Center Activity Bundle

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by The 4x6 Store

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Subjects: music,musicElementarySkills,firstDayOfAutumn

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: If you are looking for engaging kindergarten and first grade music center ideas, Fall Picture Rhythm Sorting Activity offers a creative solution! Students will explore quarter and eighth note rhythms using 12 one- and two-syllable words related to summer vocabulary. This sorting activity reinforces phonemic awareness and reading skills, as well! For use in centers: My kindergarten students used these to sort quarter and eighth notes first, then they arranged them into 4-beat groups to make their own word rhythms. Printing on cardstock and laminating will help improve the longevity of this activity! File Includes: 12 fall vocabulary terms 1 syllable: rake, leaf, corn, tree, gourd, wheat 2 syllable: basket, pumpkin, apple, acorn, wagon, scarecrow 2 pages blank picture cards 2 pages picture card with label only 2 pages picture cards with label and stick notation 2 pages picture cards with label and standard notation 1 page quarter and eighth notes stick notation 1 page quarter and eighth notes standard notation 1 page vocabulary terms Bonus! Smaller cards + 4 count steady beat mats! Boom Decks: Fall Stick and Standard Notation is an activity for young musicians to sort fall images (iconic notation) into quarter or eighth note rhythms. This cross-curricular activity reinforces early reading syllabication skills, as well! This activity can be completed as a whole class or assigned to individual students. Directions will need to be given or explained.