Birthday Articulation BUNDLE

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by Speechie Pals

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Subjects: speech

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: In this engaging, no-prep, BOOM Cards articulation activity students practice target words while having fun at birthday themed activities. K, F, SH, CH, TH, L, S, are targeted individually in the initial, medial and final word position. In addition, the pre-vocalic R, vocalic R, R-blends and S-blends are also targeted individually. There are 2 activities for each individually targeted position. 1) Balloon Ride: Help our friend find the balloon that will deliver them to the toy store. Once in the toy store, pick the toy to bring to the party. There are 4 games for each position. 2. Opening presents: It's time to open the presents! Say the target word located on the present and then move the present to reveal what it is beneath. Is the present empty or does it contain the toy? There are 4 games total for each position. This deck targets: Initial S Medial S Final S S-blends Initial F Medial F Final F Initial K Medial K Final K Initial L Medial L Final L Initial Sh Medial SH Final Sh Initial Ch Medial Ch Final Ch Initial TH Medial TH Final TH Pre-vocalic R Vocalic R R-blends