BUNDLE: Random Practice for 2, 3, 4, & 5 letter words

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by Tiffany Brodsky

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Subjects: phonics,elaLanguageSpelling,englishSecondLanguage,elaLanguage,foundationalSkills,reading,ela,games,firstDayOfSpring,oneHundredthDayOfSchool,firstDayOfAutumn,knowledgeOfLanguage,eslVocab,eslPronunciation,fluency

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: These terrific games allow students to practice building, spelling, "writing", and rereading words for CV, CVC, CVV, CVCC, CCVC, and CVCe patterns randomly. These drag-and-drop activities include: 4 copies of the 26 English letters on each slide, 2 to 4 Elkonin (letter sound) boxes to spell words, and 20 cards for play! This virtual, "hands-on" manipulative game was created for the teacher to orally give words and for the student(s) to "write" the words heard. It is a perfect item to use with students in a small group or with one-on-one for phonics' remediation or advance practice, but it can be easily applied for whole groups using a projector and computer(s) or a smart board. Please note: This game is NOT correctly self-grading since it was made to be used by teachers as they see fit. In other words, it will count answers correct even if it is wrong. So, this is great to be used with Boom Live (if you have this feature in your account) for online settings and/or classroom boards or computers. Simply, turn off the navigation (after starting a live session) in order to stop students from clicking Submit to move on; you will control that feature yourself, and you can make sure the words are perfect before you move on. Enjoy! Copyright 2024 Tiffany Brodsky. All rights are reserved. Do you like this item? Please take a moment to give a 5-star feedback to let me and others know! Thank you in advance for your time and kindness. It is appreciated!