ER Vocalic R | 10 Animated GIFs | Personal or Commercial Use

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by Paperless Speech

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Subjects: phonics,speech,articulation,phonology

Grades: 0

Description: This is an articulation GIF set containing the following words with the vocalic /r/ "ER" sound: Alligator Bird Burger Circle Clover Earth Farmer Flower Giraffe Lizard Included: 10 color GIFs with transparent backgrounds (.gif files) About GIFs: These are animated GIF images, not clipart files. The files will move when placed in a program that supports GIFs (e.g., BOOM cards, PowerPoint slides, etc.). Terms of Use: You may use these GIFs commercially and/or for personal use, we just ask that you credit our store by including a link and our logo. We make our GIFs using AI-generated art via Midjourney as a paying subscriber. We appreciate your feedback! Please leave us a rating and short comment.