First Grade Math Unit 9 Measurement Bundle (9 games)

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by Tiny Teaching shack

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Subjects: math

Grades: 1,2

Description: 1st Grade Math Unit 9 Measurement: In this unit, students will order objects by length, compare the length of two objects, and measure using nonstandard and standard measurement. This unit was made with the first grade in mind, but you can adapt it to your lessons to review the skills with second graders and to challenge high level kindergarteners. 1. use cubes to measure the length of an object 2. understand the correct way to measure 3. compare different lengths of objects 4. measure using nonstandard measurement 5. order objects from the shortest to longest 6. determine how much one object is longer than another 7. estimate the length of objects in inches and feet 8. estimate the length of objects in centimeters and meters 9. measure the length of objects using rulers