Kindergarten to 2nd Grade End of the Year Review Math Escape Rooms

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by The Viral Teacher

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Subjects: games,seasonSummer,math,mathElementary,additionAndSubtraction,placeValue,time,money,shapes,operationsAndAlgebraicThinking,baseTen,measurementAndData,geometry,holiday

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: Make teaching, reviewing, and practicing math fun with these Boom Cards escape rooms! This bundle is jam-packed with TONS of math activities such as place value, telling time, measurements, and comparing numbers, perfect for review during the end of the year! Each deck has more than 50 cards that students can play individually, in pairs, with the whole class, or even as homework! **Please check each deck individually before purchasing to see if this bundle is right for you.** Kindergarten 1. Count the objects and write the number. = 12 cards 2. Fill in the missing numbers. Count forward beginning from a given number instead of having to begin at 1. = 10 cards 3. Count the fingers and add the numbers. = 5 cards 4. Addition and subtraction word problems. = 8 cards 5. Count the fingers and find the difference. = 5 cards 6. Decompose numbers less than or equal to 10. = 13 cards 7. Identify the name of the (2D & 3D) shapes (drag and drop = 4 cards 1st Grade: 1. Addition, subtraction, and telling time word problems = 9 cards 2. Place Value = 11 cards 3. Comparing numbers = 10 cards 4. Measurement. Order 3 objects by length = 5 cards 5. Measurement. Comparing weights (Which object weighs more/less?) = 6 cards 6. Telling and writing time in hours and half-hours using analog clock. = 8 cards Find out more about the 2nd Grade Escape Room by clicking on the deck. Email me at for questions.