All About the Arabic Alphabet Letters Bundle

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by Hands-On Multilingual Fun

Price: 5300 points or $53 USD

Subjects: language,instructionalArabic,nativelanguage,nativeEnglish,speech,religion,islam

Grades: 2,3,4,5,6

Description: With this bundle, your students will learn about each individual letter of the Arabic alphabet by playing through a series of different cards like prewriting and tracing, (there is now a draw button available on screen, your student can use their finger, the finger icon, or the draw function) letter recognition, and learning about words that start with the letter. Also just added is the record function, your student clicks on the record button on the right side of the screen and they can record the letter and the words for certain cards. This deck includes audio for almost every card. **Remember that Arabic is read right to left. Each deck has 28 cards plus an instruction card that explains how the deck works. This deck is in flow magic which means that you can return to the home screen in order to practice, learn, or review a different concept. You can find other Arabic language decks in our store through the link below.