Wanderful Learner

About me: <p>Hi, I'm Kerry - Wanderful Learner behind this Boom Learning Store. I have been teaching for 11 years, grades 2 through 11. I have a Master in Arts in Curriculum and Instruction that has helped guide how I teach and create. </p> <p>I love using and creating Boom Cards in my classroom. They have been an engaging way for learners to practice skills independently and gain confidence. I aim to create high-quality resources that meet the needs of diverse learners. The decks do not have grade levels on the cards themselves or cover; grades are in the descriptions to help you differentiate for your learners. Most decks (and growing) have audio to help all learners access the content to achieve mastery. </p> <p>I hope all the decks are helpful for your learners, and if you have any suggestions please feel free to email me at lifelongscholar89@gmail.com</p>

Grades: 2,3,4,5,10,11