Music Time Sign with Ms. D

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About me: <p></p><ol><li><font face="Arial Black">Hello! My name is Ms. D. I teach preschool-kindergarten and tutor grades 1-5. I create teaching resources in Reading Comprehension and Early Literacy skills for the classroom and homeschooling using American Sign Language as my strategy to teach spelling, writing, phonics, and letter recognition.</font></li><li><font face="Arial Black">"Music Time Sign with Ms. D." is a Supplemental Curriculum program in American Sign Language (ASL). These lessons are created to support Hearing Children, Hard-of-Hearing Children, and English Language Learners to develop Reading Comprehension and Early Literacy skills. </font></li><li><font face="Arial Black">BOOM cards are fun and engaging! They are great tools to enhance students' sight words and vocabulary recognition. Your students will have fun learning American Sign Language!</font></li><li><font face="Arial Black">Please visit my website for amazing resources. <a href=""><span style="font-size:12.0pt;font-family:"></span></a></font></li><li><font face="Arial Black">The following are workbooks and downloadable lessons to improve students reading and writing skills:</font></li><li><font face="Arial Black">1. ASL Classroom Management Volumes 1-4. Click Here: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> These lessons include practice with vocabulary, fingerspelling, tracing and writing, matching the sight words, reading, writing, and pasting them in the activities.</font></li><li><font face="Arial Black">Answer sheets are also included for parents and teachers!</font></li></ol><p></p><p><font face="Arial Black">2. Alphabet Lessons: Downloads. To access lessons, please visit the Digital Curriculum. </font></p><p><font face="Arial Black">I love teaching my students! They Rock because they are our future!</font></p><p><br /></p>

Grades: 13,14,1,2