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About me: <p>I am a speech and language therapist who is lucky enough to do the two things I love most for a living: playing and making games.</p> <p>You can find me on <span><a href=""><b>Facebook</b></a></span> and <span><a href=""><b>Instagram</b></a></span> as MyChildSLT, and my website is <span><b><a href=""></a></b></span>.</p> <p>The great thing about Boom Cards is that you can assign decks to your children so they can use them at home to practice. However, most decks include multiple targets that may not be relevant to your child's needs.</p> <p>My decks are designed for single target activities, and you can use them during online or in-person sessions or assign them to your children to practice at home with a caregiver.</p> <p>You won't have to worry about them practicing on something that you didn't want to target in the first place!</p> <p>All of the drawings and graphics used in my decks are original and created by me.</p>