About me: Hello! I am a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA) who works in home, school and community settings. I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing kids and teens ages 2-18 for 5+ years in ABA. During that time, I've spent lots of time and money searching for teaching materials to assist with teaching a variety of common skills targeted for ABA intervention, I have purchased countless items that are easily damaged and/ or have needed additional materials and timely revisions in order to meet criteria of common assessments used in ABA. I have come to learn that the best materials I've used have been ones that I have modified or made myself! I am hoping to share what I've learned and provide easily accessible and affordable materials to assist other ABA providers, teachers, parents and anyone else interested in building skills in the following areas: receptive language, expressive language, social/ emotional skills, visual performance skills, self-help skills, self-management, adaptive living, safety skills, and pre-vocational skills

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