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About me: <p>Hello!  My name is Polly, and I have taught third grade, sixth grade language arts, and seventh and eighth grade reading. I also spent one very busy but also very fun and very rewarding year working as the school librarian and computer lab teacher in a K-6 elementary school. I am the author of Quizzes for 220 Great Children's books, which was published by Libraries Unlimited, and I have written proposals for and won a number of grants for the schools in which I have taught. I have a strong interest in seeing children provided with a truly individualized education in which they can progress and achieve mastery at their own pace. I believe that it is extremely important for all children to be given a path to learning which allows them to experience success, to feel successful, and to be successful. I have seen firsthand how transformational this experience can be in the life of a child, as well as how devastating it can be for children who have never been given this experience. Success breeds success. To that end, I love creating educational resources, especially Boom cards, and I am very excited about the role Boom Learning is playing in using technology to assist busy and talented educators in the enormous task of providing a first class education that meets the needs of all of their students.</p>

Grades: 13,6,1,2,3,4,5,7