Shanon Juneau We Are Better Together

About me: <p>My name is Shanon, and I'm the face behind We are Better Together!  I have 22 years of experience in education.  I taught 1st grade for 12 years, taught middle school ELA, was an administrator in a K-8 school, and also worked as a Technology Facilitator for our district (teaching teachers how to incorporate technology into their classrooms).  My bachelor's degree is in 1st - 8th, and my master's degree is in educational leadership.  I've also spent the last 13 years creating educational resources for my classroom, my district, and for teachers around the world.  </p> <p>I've been teacher of the year twice, LACUE teacher of the year for our zoned area (technology), and worked on a federal grant that brought in $100,000 to our school to get Activboards into every single classroom. </p> <p>I love everything about incorporating technology into the classroom to make learning fun!  So you can only guess that when I found Boom Learning, I was in LOVE!</p>

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3