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About me: <p><span style="text-align:left">Hello! My name is Tara and I'm the creator of Cascade Method! I am a pianist, composer, teacher, coach and just an all around lover for all things piano. I created Cascade Method to spread my love and passion for piano as far and wide as I can! </span></p><p>Students love learning to read notes, play new songs, and delve into music theory. With this method, I, along with other Cascade Method Certified Teachers emphasize positive reinforcement and FUN techniques. We love to inspire students to discover the magic of piano and develop a lifelong passion for creating their own music. <span style="text-align:left">The Cascade Method is proven to produce well-rounded musicians who find true joy in playing the piano.</span></p><p><span style="text-align:left">I myself am a recording artist and have released 4 albums, all out on Spotify, iTunes, and Pandora (under Tara O'Brien). I am currently working on my 5th album Bloom.</span></p><p><span style="text-align:left">I also own a music school in the Bay Area, Cascade Melody School of Music. However, my pride and joy is creating helpful piano resources for both teachers and students! I have created 14 books so far, and counting! I am also the inventor or NoteMatch, an awesome piano reading tool you definitely want in your studio! *wink wink!* You'll find tons of goodies, including piano games and activities on my own website CascadeMethod.</span></p>