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About me: <p>Lori and Chelsea are two SLPs who LOVE to laugh, have fun, and of course create appropriate and engaging resources for our students! Our combined experiences of over 20 years include working in a public school for children with Autism, teaching AAC as an Adjunct Professor, working in Early Intervention, presenting at ASHA and more! These experiences have lead us to develop user-friendly resources with clear goals and the use of a structured color-coding scheme known as The Fitzgerald Key, that you will see throughout each Boom Card Deck. The Language Ladies are the original creators of "<b>Core City</b>", a structured approach to teaching core vocabulary that is not only widely used throughout New York City, but across the country as well. In addition to core vocabulary, Lori and Chelsea developed a structured approach to target language processing with the "<b>Semantic Feature FLIP</b>" and continue to bring innovative ideas and resources to the field of Speech Language Pathology.</p>

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3,4,5