Looks Like Language

About me: <p>Welcome to my Boom store where visual and audio support make learning fun and easy! I'm Linda, a speech/language pathologist with over 35 years of experience. It takes time to find engaging pictures, and I'm happy to help you out!</p> <p>All of my activities include interesting pictures to engage students. Most have audio support, too, to help limited readers. Each deck works on multiple skills, making it easier for you to provide differentiated instruction for your special needs students. But don't be fooled! All kids love learning this way! </p> <p>If you love having materials with tons of visual supports, check out my blog freebies at lookslikelanguage.com     </p> <p>Enjoy! Linda</p> <p>P.S. My course work: B.A. in speech pathology and psychology, M.A. in speech/language pathology, post-graduate courses in education, special education, autism, and reading.</p> <p>My self-study and work experience for these populations: 2 ACE awards in autism and work in an ABA early education program, infant and preschool special education, infant and preschool hearing-impaired, middle school mainstreamed speech and special education students, emotionally disturbed and autistic middle school students in special schools, speech/language goal compendium author for my school district, out of classroom visual support SLP, and Medicaid supervisor for speech teachers.</p>

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3,4,5,6