Relating Multiplication and Division

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by Little Country Kindergarten

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Subjects: math

Grades: 3

Description: Students will practice relating multiplication and division with these engaging digital task cards. There are 5 different tasks, with each task involving 4 cards. On the first card students have to drag the objects to create equal groups, showing them a hands-on way to divide. On the second card students type in how many objects they started with, how many groups they made, how many objects are in each group, and then use this information to create a division equation. On the third card students review the division equation they made and then type in the related multiplication equation. Finally, on the fourth card students choose the related multiplication and division equations out of 4 multiple choices to connect related facts. These 4 cards are repeated in 5 different scenarios to give students practice relating division and multiplication. Aligned with Common Core State Standards: 3.OA.6 and 3.OA.7