Direct Object Pronouns - Spanish Grammar and Exercises

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by Vlupp - Interactive Spanish

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Subjects: instructionalSpanish

Grades: 9,10,11,12,15

Description: Your students will get hooked! A self-checking, self-grading, fun, interactive digital activity to introduce your students (kids and adults) to the Direct Object Pronouns in Spanish. These 72 NO PREP Boom Cards are great for beginners and students who need a review of the Direct object Pronouns. It will also save you so much time planning because it includes: 1- Grammar Instruction 2- Interactive Tasks (for both adults and kids) It’s ideal for structured, fun, and engaging lessons as well as homework. THIS DECK INCLUDES: 1. 72 cards (54 interactive) 2. Grammar instruction: What is it and how do we use it? (8 cards) 3. Fill-in-the-blank: filling in the blanks with the correct D.O.P. (10 cards) 3. Fill-in-the-blank: Rewrite the sentence using a D.O.P. (7 cards) 3. Fill-in-the-blank: Answer the question using a D.O.P. (6 cards) 4. Listening + Multiple-choice: Choose the correct meaning of the sentence (7 cards) 5. Multiple-choice: Grammar: choose the correct translation (7 cards) 5. Multiple-choice: Grammar questions (10 cards) 5. Multiple-choice: choose the correct D.O.P. (6 cards) 6. Drag and Drop: Drag the D.O.P. to the correct person (1 card)