Unicorn Subitizing 10-40 Number Sense

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by Monday Morning Resources

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Subjects: math

Grades: 13,1

Description: Unicorn Subitizing 11-40 Numbersense This deck is a super cute and fun way for your students to learn to subitize - recognise small groups of objects in both organized and random arrangements. This deck focuses on larger numbers 10-40 and is great for building up student automaticity and number sense. This deck is also perfect for when your students are ready to move on from numbers to 10. The deck allows students to subitize fingers, popsicle sticks, dominoes,10 frames and Australian Money. This deck contains 30 cards. This resource can be used in your classroom as - whole class warm up - lesson introduction - engaging maths group/center activity - student intervention support task - assigned homework task - extension task - no prep-no printing - relief/casual teacher resource. Curriculum Alignment and Standards. This resource is Australian made. It aligns to the Australian Curriculum ACNMA003 and ACNMA014 Common Core Standards K.CC.1 K.CC.4 1.NBT.A1 1.NBT.B.2B Thank you for considering this resource for your classroom.