3rd Grade Unknown Number Multiply or Divide

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by Megan's Math for All

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Subjects: mathElementary,mathMiddleSchool,multiplicationAndDivision,patterns,baseTen,expressionsAndEquations,equations

Grades: 3,4,5

Description: Howdy, Do your kids need more practice with determining the value of an unknown number? These cards will help you determine how ready the kids are for SBAC test or any other summative assessment. This set of 46 task cards gives lots of practice on task models that Smarter Balanced uses to assess: 3.OA and 3.NBT (multiplication and division only). You can use these task cards anytime to help your kids prepare for the Smarter Balanced test (SBA) or any other test! They will practice reading and solving equations for unknown numbers (variables) in all kinds of equations. Here are a few of the common strategies that may help the students understand methods for solving Unknown Number problems. Do the Math! When using this strategy, you will actually calculate the value of each expression. Balance the Equation! When using this strategy, you are looking to see how the two expressions on either side of the = symbol are the same or different. Look for a pattern! When using this strategy, you will look at the numbers for common differences. Use a fact Family! When using this strategy, you will think about the relationship between multiplication and division equation. Happy Math, Megan