Magnetic and Non-Magnetic

by June Shanahan Dog-On-It Designs

Price: 475 points or $4.75 USD

Subjects: science,physicalSciences,physics,structureAndPropertiesOfMatter,chemistry

Grades: 3,4,5,6

Description: Do your students need help with mixtures, solutions, and magnets? Properties of matter can be confusing, but sorting magnetic and non-magnetic items, racing magnetic cars, and contemplating terms like, solvent, solute, and solubility, will make your kids love physical science. You’ll get thirty-seven cards, with a range of easy, medium and challenging questions to keep your students actively engaged. Most questions are multiple-choice, but a few are fill in the blank and drag and drop, adding an interactive twist to the learning experience. Kids will need to remember information on some slides to answer the next questions. These Boom Cards would work well with or without a mini-lesson and they would integrate well with mixture and solution labs. Use this set for centers, individual review, distance learning, or whole group. Works great with kids who have been absent. They are a great study tool to prep for state tests too. Check out the preview to see if this resource is right for you.