Earth Day Activities

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by Time2Learn

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: Earth Day Activities: This is a fun deck working on sequencing skills and vocabulary words on Earth Day. Each set includes a direction slide and at the end of the game there is a sticker slide. Set One: Unscramble letters to make the word Slide 1: Direction Page Unscramble Letters Slides: 2 to 11 Three Letters: can, sun Four Letters: dirt, leaf, tree Five Letters: cloud, Earth, heart, trash Six Letters: sprout Students will drag the letters in order, type the word and click on the picture that matches the word (choices of three). Students will click submit to check their answers. Set Two: ABC Order (Four Words-Drag & Drop) Slide 12: Direction Page Slide 13: dirt, Earth, leaf, sun Slide 14: compose, litter, recycle, tree Slide 15: can, heart, sprout, water Slide 16: glass, metal, paper, plastic Set Three: Two sequencing cards Slide 17: Direction Page Slide 23: Sequence Three Steps: How to Grow a Plant Slide 24: Sequence Four Steps: Composting Life Cycle Slide 25: Sticker at the End