Phonemic Awareness & Phonics- A Visual Approach d,f,g,h,n

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by Of Mouth & Mind- D. Hamburg, SLP

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Subjects: ela,phonologicalAwareness,phonics,foundationalSkills,reading,phonology,speech

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: A Phonemic Awareness & Phonics Activity that supports phoneme identification, segmenting, blending, and manipulation skills. 5 tasks are included: isolated phoneme sequencing (consonants, vowels), CV sequences, VC sequences, and finally, CVC sequences. This deck focused on the consonants d,f,g,h,n, and the five short vowel sounds. Your student is asked to identify a phoneme or syllable. Then they are prompted to listen and change the pattern by recognizing the difference between the first and second pattern and manipulating the phonemes to match the change. Colored blocks provide an added visual support to recognize where the difference is in the pattern (initial, medial, or final sound) that needs to be manipulated/changed. For added fun, after each task your student is asked to help Peter Pirate find the treasure!