Calming Corner with Coping Strategies for Self-Regulation

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by SpecEd Specialties

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Subjects: sensoryIntegration,mentalHealth,sel,emotionalAndBehavioralSkills

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Description: This digital calming corner can be used in a virtual classroom or as an in-person coping strategy in a classroom break space. This deck contains a variety of interactive activities to support self-regulation and social emotional learning. There are six sections to this quiet 'zen zone': Feelings: 4 slides to help students identify, label, and describe their feelings and emotions; includes a feelings 'clip chart' with room to type why students are feeling the emotion they're experiencing (optional), a feelings scaling 'thermometer,' build-a-face emoji to show how students are feeling, and a checklist on what makes students happy My Strategies: 12 strategies to help regulate Just Breathe: 7 deep breathing strategies Yoga Stretches: 12 yoga poses to help relax Mindful Moments: 7 grounding and mindful activities Puzzles: 4 puzzles at different levels to distract the mind