Semantic Relationships: Comparing & Sequencing Vocabulary

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by Alie B SLP

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Subjects: speech,ela,specialed,communicationSkills,Special Autism

Grades: 3,4,5,6,7

Description: So many kids struggle to understand the relationship between words and concepts, even when the vocabulary is familiar and used frequently in their environment. They may have a rote ability to count, say the alphabet, or list the months in order, but they can't tell you which letters are near the end of the alphabet or what the first month is. They may be able to tell you that an elephant is big and a mouse is small, but aren't able to name something that's bigger than a mouse but smaller than an elephant. We often hear these students make statements like, "Last night I went to my Grandma's house" when they really mean "last month". This interactive, boom deck is designed to allow kids an opportunity to practice developing a deeper understanding of common vocabulary. By understanding how various concepts & terms relate to each other, their overall vocabulary knowledge becomes stronger. Sentence frames are provided to support kids' abilities to make comparative statements about the concepts. Concepts targeted include: -Numbers -Letters -Days of the Week -Months -Units of Time -Age Groups -Sizes -Time of Day -Money -Timeframes -Length of items -Frequency -Quantity Boom cards for each concept allow the student to 1) sequence the target vocabulary 2) complete fill-in-the-blank sentence frames to work on using comparative, superlative, temporal terms expressively, and 3) complete fill-in-the-blank sentences to demonstrate comprehension of the target concept. Enjoy! :)