SPANISH ... Frases Revueltas ... Niños Animados en la Escuela ... ANIMADO

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by Teaching Stuff Place

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Subjects: speech,specialed,language

Grades: 2,3,4,5

Description: SPANISH ... Frases Revueltas ... Niños Animados en la Escuela Sentence Strip ... Basic vocabulary gives students FLUENCY and FUN with sentences on 15 BOOM digital interactive task cards.. On SPANISH language cards, students choose and MOVE words to construct sentences. Different kids at school ANIMATE each card. Students work on syntax, grammar, and sequencing with Scrambled Sentences. ⭐ >>> Thanks to Maria Lucia Gomez, Consultant in Spanish Language Activities with Advanced Degrees in Chicano Studies, English Literature, Education and Administration ⭐ >>> Now on the drawing board ... dozens of activities in Spanish. ⭐ Look for BUNDLES to save $$$$ ⭐... individualize .... differentiate ... engage ... with products created by Jean VanDerford for Teaching Stuff Place Look for more skills in themes at ... Teaching Stuff Place on TpT ... Boom Learning for paperless digital cards DISTANCE LEARNING ... remote learning, remote resources, online instruction, home schooling, Internet instruction, Internet learning, learn from home, self-correcting activities, digital learning, Internet activities, digital resources, self-checking, online, Google Classroom, Boom Learning