AAC LAMP Multiple Choice Picture Description: Deck 2

by Ms. Finnigan's SLP Toolkit

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Subjects: communicationModalities,socialAspectsOfCommunication,lifeSkills,Special Autism,communicationSkills,speech,modalitiesAAC

Grades: 0

Description: PURPOSE: To locate Minspeak/LAMP Symbol vocabulary words to describe a picture, and then use the words to create a sentence. With this activity, students using Minspeak symbols or LAMP app for communication can use a variety of vocabulary words from different categories to describe pictures. Categories/Vocabulary: People Category: boy, girl, man, woman, family, people Time Category: Spring, Summer, Autumn, morning, afternoon, night Action Category: play, talk, sit, work, cook, sleep, get, ride, make, drink, walk Places Category: outside, inside, school, park, home, kitchen, bedroom, grocery, city