French Farm Vocabulary la ferme

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by French with the Hobbs

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Subjects: language,instructionalFrench,nativeFrench

Grades: 7,8,9,10

Description: French students can practice farm vocabulary with this 25-card deck. Students will practice reading, writing and listening. All cards are in French. The cards are organized as follows: --Listen and choose the image that corresponds --Listen and write the word you hear --Match the vocabulary word with the corresponding image --Write the vocab word based on the given description All written answers are in lower case letters. The vocabulary list includes : la campagne, la grange, le fermier, le tracteur, le champ, le foin, la poule, le cochon, le canard, le cheval, le lapin, la vache, la chèvre, le mouton, l’âne, le dindon, le chat, le chien, le coq, l’oie We also have a deck that builds on this vocabulary with the grammar concept of comparing adjectives. The deck is titled: French Adjective Comparison with Farm Vocabulary. Both of these decks also make up our bundle: French Farm Bundle Do you have a specific vocabulary list or deck request we could customize for you? Email us at !