Little Red Hen Story & Activities | Questions & Sequencing

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by Speech Your Mind

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Subjects: speech,litReadingComprehension,literature,speakingListening,communicationSkills,readingSkills,englishSecondLanguage

Grades: 13,1,2,3,4

Description: Little Red Hen ! Fun with fairytales & fables! Teach your students the importance of hard work! This is a resource that is all about the Little Red Hen. Perfect for Preschool & Elementary language development. 100 Cards!!! The resource includes the following: * Story of The Little Red Hen - Pictures & Text * Questions - Picture responses (field of 4) * Questions - Text responses (field of 4) * Questions - Open Response & Graphic Organizers (compare/contrast, wh-questions, story elements, cause-effect) * Sequencing - Various Levels - What Happens Next? What is Missing? Put the pictures in Order. Type your own Sequence. Little Red Hen Story Companion | Fairytales & Fables