Auditory Working Memory: Valentine's Day Party WITH AUDIO

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by Stress Less with Susan

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Subjects: valentinesDay,executiveFunctions,visualPerception,specialExecutiveFunctions,lifeSkills

Grades: 1,2,3

Description: Use this auditory working memory/multi-step directions activity to help your students build those mental muscles while celebrating Valentine's Day! Auditory cues prompt users through two different series: 1: Set up for the party, then 2: Pass out cupcakes and valentine cards. Steps start with one, then add one at a time building up to a max of 13 steps. Students also practice visual attention, counting, and left vs, right.. Perfect for Special Ed, OT and Speech. Like this activity? Check out my Christmas, New Years, and "school days" versions! You may also like visual memory games: "What's Missing, What Moved?" Christmas and "At the park" versions.