Winter Escape Room: Snowman's Challenge | Time

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by Master Xuan

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Subjects: math

Grades: 3,4

Description: *Updated as of 9th April 2021 There are 19 Boom Cards in this boom deck that let your students practise time with Winter theme (no mention about Christmas). There are 3 interactions: Fill in the Blank, Drag and Drop, and Multiple Choice. Students will be engaged and have fun with the 6 activities answering a total of 37 questions. In this Boom Deck, 12-hour clock is represented as "6.15 p.m." (with a period). When students fill in the blanks, they can either answer with a period (6.15) or with a colon (6:15). This is suitable for Singapore Primary 4 and above. TIME Math Skills (Time to the minute) -Reading the clock. -Telling time in words. -Finding the starting time, finishing time, or duration given the other two quantities. -Convert 12-hour clock to 24-hour clock, and vice versa. -Converting time in hours and minutes to minutes only, and vice versa. -Comparing duration. Activities -TRUE OR FALSE -3 WORD PROBLEMS -MAZE -MATH TILES -MYSTERY MESSAGE -LOGIC PUZZLES Story Background It’s snowing outside! You rushed to open the door and a huge snowman stood just right outside, blocking your way. It was not going to let you out to play unless you solve 6 puzzles.