Double Object Pronouns-Spanish

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by Brenna's Box

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Subjects: instructionalSpanish,nativeEnglish

Grades: 8,9,10,11,12

Description: This set of Boom Cards is perfect for reviewing and practicing Spanish Double Object Pronouns! The first 5 cards guide students through how to create Spanish double object pronoun sentences. There is also a card that covers basic vocabulary used within this deck so the student will be successful with these cards. There are 19 cards that are fill in the blank, true/false, drag and drop, or choose the best translation. These cards cover the following topics: - Review on how to identify Direct and Indirect Objects - Le/les to se - Rules of where to place Double Object Pronouns in a sentence - Adding an accent to an infinitive when double object pronouns are added to the end - Gustar, and verbs like it, with double object pronouns