Counting ONE MORE Ten Frames, Four Levels, SET B

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by PicaMeUp

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Subjects: mathElementary,countingAndCardinality,comparisons,math,counting,cardinality,seasonSummer

Grades: 13

Description: One More, Differentiated Counting, Set B Students will be presented with two groups of five and ten frames. Students will count the number of items in the first frame and then look at the written numeral representing that quantity. Next, students will count the number of items in the second frame and answer a "how many?" question. Students will type in their answers. Numbers 0-10. K.CC.A.2 K.CC.A.3 K.CC.B.4 K.CC.B.5 EE.1.OA.C.5.a Students will be shown four levels that feature different combinations of bugs in a variety of arrangements. Flow Magic ­čîčLevel 1: One kind of bug in both frames ­čîčLevel 2: One kind of bug in both frames except for the one added. ­čîčLevel 3: Two kinds of bugs, one kind per frame. ­čîčLevel 4: Mixed bugs in each frame. Check sets A or C, for different play arrangements and presentation of levels.