Listen Divide Read Spell Closed Syllables with Suffix 3.5 part 1

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by Schwa Sense

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Subjects: specialed

Grades: 3,4,5,6,7

Description: A timesaving resource is key if you are teaching rules of closed syllable division in multi-syllablic words with suffixes. This deck ties in perfectly as review for multi-sensory phonics based programs! Amazing compilation 3.5 words with and without schwa. Listening, reading, spelling, dividing into syllables and marking the suffixes!! You need this if you teach direct explicit phonics! This Boom Card deck encourages both decoding and encoding of words with schwa's and those without. 5 Tasks per card! NOBODY is asking any child to memorize the spelling of these words. BUT THE MORE YOU SEE and have EXPOSURE with, the more reps and familiarity one has with these longer words, the better. I am a firm believer in the better! BOOM Deck with 30+cards The ability to automatically decode phonetically regular words in isolation is crucial to text reading fluency. All of my Boom Task Cards are cumulative and spiral back to previously introduced concepts. Other skills that you will find in this deck include: blends digraphs bonus letters short vowels and more